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For the June - July School Holidays Redland Museum are unable to hold workshops from within the museum. We don't want to disappoint the families that enjoy our school holiday workshop programs, instead we have designed activity packs to purchase and make in your own home.

There are 3 Children's crafts available that are lots of fun and easy to make. Each pack has everything you need to make the activity, we have taken care of all the hard work so that your kids can have all the fun!

Activity packs include:-

- Ingredients and templates
- Instruction sheet
- Free child's pass to the Museum
- Packs can be purchased from the Museum shop or order online for pick up.

Click here to view and purchase our activity packs!

Click here to view and download activity instruction sheets.

NEW - Living Displays


‘WHEELS’ showcase 3 of Redland Museum’s cars on display in the transport area. Vintage 1924 Ford Model T Truck and classics 1951 Morris Minor, & 1955 FJ Utility. Are you a car enthusiast, lover of antique, veteran, vintage and classic cars? Visit the Redland Museum to see these be
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Laundry Day

Monday was laundry day, a day of hard work for women in the family. Discover how clothes were washed in the early 1900’s and what laundry blue was used for. Do you have early memories of helping your grandmother or mother squeeze and twist the bed sheets or remember using a mangle?
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Current Exhibitions

Three Well Known Australians

Martin Shaw has lost count of the number of times he has been asked to reveal the identities of the three figures in his painting. Each time he has politely refused. Titled Three Well Known Australians the work depicts three stick figure characters against a yellow background. The poi
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Redland Poets Cornered

Redland Poets Cornered, a selection of poems by Redland identities past and present, together with related works of art. Narelle Renn, Jan Acton, Ruth Venner and Robyn Foster are among the artists and poets represented. All these artists have exhibited paintings and poems in the Museu
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Upcoming Events

Music Director – Donna Magrath

Many singers and musicians in the Redlands owe much of their musical development to Donna Magrath. Musician, singer, composer, music director and tutor, Donna has impeccable musical intuition and a repertoire that covers a wide range of genres. She is the Music Director and one-woman
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Ray Noonan & Ian Munday

Ray Noonan is well-known to Redland audiences as an experienced director and actor. His acting career started south of the border but he has been gracing local stages since his role as a scurrilous judge in Sweet Fanny Adams. A versatile talent, his most recent role was his memorable
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Women of Their Word

Women of Their Word is a celebration of Australian women poets, writers who captured their times and their experiences in verse that still delights lovers of language. Devised as a series of individual vignettes interwoven with music, Women of Their Word brings to life five notable wo
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Group Bookings

With our COVID-19 Safety Plan in place we have limited the number of visitors at one time to 20 per group booking with a time limit of 2hrs. This will be reviewed as we follow the Queensland Roadmap to Easing of Restrictions. Under our current plan we will not be providing morning or afternoon tea or lunches at this time.

If you do plan to visit the Museum as a group of 6 to 20, it is essential that you book in advance to avoid disappointment. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide guides at this time.

Contact us to make a booking!








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