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Book Talk
26th November at 2pm

Three Ladies of Moreton Bay

Discover the history behind Hayles Brisbane Cruises that provided the people of Brisbane with popular bay and river excursions, and the launches of the "Ladies of Moreton Bay": the legendary Mirimar, the diminutive Mirabel and the excellent Mirana.  David Jones was born and raised in Brisbane, where he gained a long-life interest in shipping, observing vessels on the river, and enjoying family day trips on Moreton Bay.  David retired from a career in the Queensland Audit Office, which allowed him to pursue his interest in maritime history.  He volunteers at the Queensland Maritime Museum library and has published several books, papers, and articles on nautical historical subjects.

Members: $6.00
Non-Members $10.00
Includes entry and Devonshire Tea or coffee

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Australia Day Play 2020
"BARBECUE" by Daryl Peebles




What’s more Australian than a few snags on the barbie? 

Celebrating Australia Day, Redland Museum and Mates Theatre Genesis will present “Barbecue,” a grassroots comedy by Daryl Peebles.  Brimming with quintessential characters and fearless Aussie humour, “Barbecue” is a delightful insight into what goes on in backyards all over Australia.  

Performance Dates are
January 25 – February 9, 2020


Current Exhibition
Open until 30 November!

About the Artist:

Aviation is the soul of Troy White’s work, the exploration of light, movement, depth and distance.  White’s first solo exhibition since his return to Australia “Aeronaut” is a visual portal to moments in time, using vivid colours and large canvases to simulate the radical angles and manoeuvres of flight.

Drawing from his experiences as a pilot and professional skydiver to stretch beyond the flat and level world into dynamic attitudes and the freedom of the limitless sky, White strives to create tension in each piece and draw the viewer into experiencing the sensation of flying through his artwork. His paintings hang in private and public collections worldwide. With a Master’s degree in fine art, his technique and compositional mastery have evolved over the past forty years to an identifiable, joyful, and colourful playfulness with his subject.

Recent works celebrate the romance of the history of flight juxtaposed with a modern context. The work indulges in time travel, aerobatics and pop culture, not only travelling into the past but also into the future.  Grand airships of the early 20th century such as the Graf Zeppelin flew within living memory, the golden age of air travel with the Constellation and flying boats, such as were seen in Australia and on Moreton Bay in the mid to late 20th century, the thrills of sport parachuting.  To fly is to be an aeronaut and in the 21st century, most people have experienced flight. Troy White’s “Aeronaut” is a celebration of this shared experience.