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Golden Jubilee 2022

Redland Museum celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2022, with a year of special events and activities. 


We have an exciting calendar of events planned for you in 2023, all presented right here at the Museum.

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This conference was held on 7 October to 9 October.

We will provide a link to each of  the presentation as the files are made available to us.  Click below to see a list of those available to view.

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Interesting stories of what's happening around the Museum

Tin of Butter Concentrate

By:Caitlin Bailey
This tin of butter concentrate was produced just after the Second World War by the Queensland Butter Board (QBB). It was sent to relatives in the UK to supplement rations.

Model of HMS Investigator

A large model of HMS Investigator, A British Royal Navy Survey Vessel, launched in 1795. In 1801, under the command of Matthew Flinders, she was the first ship to circumnavigate Australia.

Redland Bay Cricket Club 1903

By:Bruce Smith
Photograph of the1903 Redland Bay Cricket Club Team. Henry Day, Ben Meissner, Charlie Day, P.P. Outridge, Jack Marks, John Moore M. Bloomer, Clem Outridge B.E. Heinemann, E. Cooper, S. Matthews.

Siemens Model 100 Teletypewriter

By:Owen Friar
Redland Museum recently acquired two Siemens teletypewriters. One of these can be seen on permanent display, and both machines are connected on special event days for working demonstrations.