Inaugural Membership Month

August 2020

Behind the Scenes – Your membership fees in action.

We are proud to launch our first Membership Month for the Redland Museum. The theme for the month is: Behind the Scenes – Your membership fees in action. Weeks 1 and 2: Preservation and Restoration Focus on how membership fees support the incredible work of volunteers in preserv
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Women of Their Word

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As its first production since the COVID19 shut-down, Redland Museum will present the première of Women of Their Word, a celebration of selected Australian women poets who captured their times, their experiences and their visions in poetry that still delights lovers of language.

Created and directed by Jan Nary, Women of Their Word seeks to offer, through vignettes of narrative and verse linked with music, an insight into the women who wrote the poetry; what inspired them, what challenged them and how they affected Australia’s changing cultural identity.

Featured poets are women who found their muse, their solace and their power in poetry; social changers Judith Wright and Dorothy Hewett and their lesser-known sisters in verse; local Redland identity Leona Kyling and suffragists Maybanke Andersen and Louisa Lawson (both drawn from Phyl Lobl’s Dames and Daredevils for Democracy).

Women of Their Word is the inaugural presentation of Theatre Redlands, the new player on the Cleveland scene created by established actors and theatre workers already popular with audiences in the Redlands and beyond. The prestigious Redland Museum was seen as an ideal home base for the group and as a source of inspiration for new works.

So let the curtain rise again – we’re ready!

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To learn more about this wonderful production, enjoy this video with Jan Nary. Visit our Women of their Word page to see more interviews by Jan with the Cast and Crew of this fabulous production by Theatre Redlands.

Sound and Light Maestro – James Auld

James Auld is best known to audiences as the Sound and Light Maestro, a skill set he developed while studying chemistry and physics at high school and Sydney University– and running 35mm film projectors for film nights in “The Barn” (the S.U. New Medical School Annexe Lecture Theatre)
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Current Exhibition

Marine Mastery

The art of renowned Redland marine artist Don Braben will featured in the August/September exhibition at Redland Museum. Together with artefacts on loan from the Queensland Maritime Museum, the exhibition will embrace the annual commemoration of Merchant Navy Day on 3rd September.

Group Bookings

With the COVID-19 Safety Plan in place the Museum is now able to accommodate up to 100 visitors at the one time and can provide lunches, morning and afternoon tea. However, it is essential that you book in advance to ensure that we have catering volunteers and guides available to make your visit a the best experience possible.

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