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Redland Museum - 1988

Redland Museum celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2022

Over the last 50 years, a succession of mostly volunteers, initially led by Rotarian Norman Dean, worked tirelessly to make the Museum what it is today.  What started out as an attempt to save heritage horse-drawn vehicles and farm machinery in the Redlands turned into a significant social history museum with the types of artefacts increasing to include other historically important objects. 

50 Years of Redland Museum Presidents

Over its 50 years of operation Redland Museum has been guided by seven Presidents.  Six are still members of the museum, and regular volunteers.

In the accompanying photograph, they are:

In the framed painting:  Norm Dean OAM, ED  (founding President)

Standing:  Doug Alexander, Ross Bower OAM, Kath McNeilly OAM, Sylvia McGarry, Tony Spinks, Bruce Smith (current President)

50 years of Redland Museum Presidents

The Museum has published a new book:

Redland Museum 1972-2022 Golden Jubilee

Over more than 50 years, dedicated and committed individuals have worked tirelessly to build a social history museum that tells the stories of the Redlands district and its people.  You can discover this amazing journey in the commemorative book Redland Museum 1972-2022 Golden Jubilee written by Redland Museum Past Presidents Sylvia McGarry and Ross Bower OAM.  Starting as a project of the Rotary Club of Cleveland in 1968/69, the Museum now contains themed displays depicting an aspect of people’s lives. These displays are beautifully photographed and described in the book.  You can explore and learn how the Museum has grown from a shed housing old farming equipment to a place for bringing communities together; with exhibitions, events and education now essential ingredients.

This book is available for purchase for $30 from the museum.

Events to Celebrate the Golden Jubilee Year - 2022