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60 Smith Street
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The blacksmith’s shop is a 1870s split slab hut originally from Mt Cotton. For many years it was the home of brothers Bob and Herman Holzapfel.

In 1972 it was dismantled and rebuilt at the Redland Museum and is still in use every weekend.

Every Saturday morning the Museum blacksmiths light the forges and demonstrate the ancient craft at the anvils, using old world methods and tools made in the 19th century.

Come and watch the fires heat the metal, and the glowing iron being transformed into intricate and beautiful items such as poppies and planters, or useful household items such as side tables.

Open: Saturday from 8.30 am to 12.00 mid-day

RCC Russell [1600x1200]

There is a major focus on training in the Blacksmith Shop. Basic forging principles are learned and passed on, allowing a variety of traditionally made items to be created for sale in the Museum shop. As part of their training the smithies recently made dinner bells of various sizes, each size giving a slightly different ring tone. They also learn how to make charcoal to feed the forge fires.

Other items created by the blacksmiths include the decorative iron security screen which can be seen at the Blacksmith shop, display hooks, safety barriers, and support stands for artefacts.

The smithies also make their own tools, including hammer heads, chisels, tongs, fire irons and a range of jigs for forming intricate scrolls and patterns.

decorative iron security screen
Blacksmith bells HD