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Redland Museum, with its rich and varied collections, is full of stories – and stories are what make theatre. Theatre Redlands has found its ideal home in the Museum, mining its mother lode of collected history to craft stage presentations that bring the stories to life.

The company was formed in 2019 by a group of experienced theatre operatives, each proficient in a wide range of theatre skills. The foundation members were driven by a commitment to producing high-quality community theatre that would involve and develop individuals of all ages and skills, giving them a vision of what can be achieved by community theatre with professional standards.

Theatre Redlands, with its consistently expanding membership, is rapidly becoming a mainstay of theatre arts in the region. In two years it has developed a repertoire of selected published works and original presentations sourced, written, developed and staged specifically for the Redland Museum.

Even during COVID-driven lockdowns it has kept its energy going; in the twelve months between September 2020 and September 2021 it marked up ten productions to its credit. Watch this space for coming undertakings!
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Upcoming Theatre Redlands Events

The Theatre Redlands 2023 program will be coming soon.

Propping It Up

Celebrating Seniors Month

October 2024
From the chance remark “Wouldn’t it be interesting to write a play about a prop?” came the concept of Propping It Up, a stage production consisting of three vignettes, each featuring a separate prop borrowed from the extensive Redland Museum collection. A gentleman’s valet, a telephone switchboard and a Waler horse – each one has its story. Written and Produced by Jan Nary – Theatre Redlands.

Past Theatre Redlands Events

2023 Queensland Day Play

The Other Diggers

2 June – 11 June 2023
A theatre tribute to the Australian Womens’ Land Army, the women who stepped up and worked the farms when most Australian men were enlisted, the women who “made bullets with bread” and kept the country and Allied forces fed during the dark years of conflict. Hardworking, game and resolute – this homage is a small part of their story. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government and Redland City Council partnership to support local arts and culture. Includes 2 Course Meal

Women's Land Army Forum

The Other Diggers - and growing stories from history.

Sunday 13 August 2023
In celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Birkdale Community Arts Hall being declared the first permanent AWLA camp in the Redlands, the Forum will include presentations from ABC TV Landline, an author of a coming Land Army novel as well as other key players and short excerpts from The Other Diggers, written and directed by Jan Nary.