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Tin of Butter Concentrate

By: Caitlin Bailey

This tin of butter concentrate was produced just after the Second World War by the Queensland Butter Board (QBB). Butter concentrate is similar to ghee, and will keep unrefrigerated in hot weather for about two years. It became a very popular export to South East Asia, and the name “QBB” is still used as a pseudonym for clarified butter in many Asian countries.

The QBB company was known under this name from 1946 to 1990, when they changed their name to Butter Producers’ Co-operative Federation Limited.

There was rationing in both the UK and Australia during and after WWII. While rationing in Australia commenced in 1942 and ended in 1950, the UK rationed from 1940 to 1954. Rationing in the UK lasted longer not only because of the damage done during WWII, but also due to the fact that the country was left nearly bankrupt.

It was common for people in Australia to send food packages to relatives in the Uk to supplement rations. This tin of butter was purchased by the donors Great Grandmother and sent to relatives in Plymouth England. How it managed to remain uneaten and find its way back to Australia remains a mystery.

Butter concentrate was used mainly in cooking. It was also common to add a spoon of butter concentrate to reconstituted powdered milk to improve taste and creaminess.