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POW Donation Box

Object Number: R12609

After the fall of Singapore to Japanese forces in February 1942 large numbers of Australian troops became prisoners of war. The Queensland Prisoners of War Association was formed to provide hands-on support to families concerned for the welfare of loved ones who were POWs. After the war prisoners were repatriated home, but many needed long-term hospitalisation for illness and injury, and their families continued to need support. Many ex-POWs also joined the Association for support, lobbying and camaraderie.

This collection box was used to raise money to support the work of the Queensland Ex-POW Association and is a poignant reminder that the consequences of war on soldiers and their families last long after the war is over.

This collection box was made by Frederick Platten in 1945 and was donated to Redland Museum in 2008 by Sandra Davis who was scribe for the Metropolitan Branch of the Ex-POW Association.