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Embroidered Apron WWII

Object Number: R13752

This remarkable apron is one of the Museum’s treasures. It is beautifully made with the entire apron covered in surface embroidery, It is usual only to embroider the surface of  small areas as it is so time-consuming.  This apron was made in Townsville during World War II and brought to the Redlands after the war.

Shaped as an old-fashioned woman with a bonnet and apron it has been cleverly designed to give the illusion of an apron on an apron by outlining the design in narrow blue lace with darts to give a touch of fullness. The embroidery also helps to give the illusion of a full skirt behind the apron.  The whole surface is covered with small blue long stitch, with bullion knots for the hair, and with satin stitch, back stitch, stem stitch, and chain stitch used for other areas, all in fine embroidery thread. This apron was donated to the Museum by Stan Bloomer in 2010.