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Cyclops Folding Baby Stroller

Object Number: R17154

Cyclops Pty Ltd was an iconic Australian company operating in Leichardt, Sydney from 1913 until the 1970s. It was famous for making wheeled toys, including scooters, tricycles, pedal cars, bicycles, as well as baby prams and strollers. This baby stroller is an example of a very early design, with the folding frame made mainly of wood. It dates from the 1930s or 1940s.  Strollers of this kind brought about a major change to the lifestyle of young families. Earlier baby prams were large cumbersome devices not at all suitable to take in a car or on public transport. By the 1940s cars were becoming affordable for working families, and a folding stroller could be placed in the car, giving the whole family mobility to include baby on holidays, picnics, and visits to grandma. A stroller like this might be considered a boost for women’s liberation.  This stroller was donated to our collection by Elizabeth McInnes in 2019.  When received it was in poor condition, and has been restored by the museum, using original colours and materials wherever possible.