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Redland Coast Heritage and Harmony Fiesta

A FREE event at Redland Museum
Sunday 23rd March 2025 | 9am to 3pm

Celebrating the rich diversity of the Redlands, this unique gathering showcases an array of captivating performances and workshops.  


From the graceful movements of Regency Dancers to the pulsating rhythms of Rio Carnival Samba Brazilian dancers, the event promises an abundance of excitement and energy.  


Engage in activities like hula dance workshops, Indigenous boomerang and bead making, and traditional crafts demonstrated by the Redlands Spinners and Weavers.  


Delight in the enchanting sounds of Scottish Bagpipes and savour a global culinary experience with food vendors offering multicultural delights.  


Children can revel in Fairy Raine’s face painting, Johnny the Jester’s Magic Show, and a variety of entertaining activities, ensuring a day filled with joy and cultural exploration. 


The Heritage and Harmony Fiesta is proudly supported by the Queensland Government, Redland City Council and fantastic local businesses, offering a memorable experience for all. 


BAYSAMBA DRUMMERS – Baysamba formed in 2014, from humble beginnings, they’ve been quietly forging a strong path into festival greats such as the Manly Halloween Street Party, Redfest, Wynnum Fringe Festival, Dalby Delicious and Delightful Festival, Karragarra Seamarket Festival and the fabulous Redland Museum Heritage & Harmony Day to name a few.  

BaySamba looks forward to celebrating its 10th anniversary with everyone this year so please enjoy the wonderful sounds of Brazil. 


REDLAND SPORTING CLUB PIPE BAND AND HIGHLANDER DANCERS – The RSCPB has a major objective to promote Celtic culture with a focus on engaging youth. 

The band formed as the Redland Sporting Club Pipe Band (RSCPB) and it is primarily a community based band that seeks to maintain and enhance Celtic culture an  Redland City, Queensland and abroad. 

The RSCPB performs at local events such as ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, at local venues including senior citizen facilities, schools and local community and charity functions. 


WELCOME TO COUNTRY & SMOKING CEREMONY – The Yulu Burri Ba Dancers, means dancers of the sand and sea. From Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island, the dancers are led by songman Patrick Coolwell, a Noonuccal man, dancer, songman and Indigenous Ranger.  

Patrick’s involvement on Minjerribah is becoming more important as he is a keeper of knowledge. As the Island moves away from it’s dependence on sand mining and towards cultural tourism, his knowledge and the knowledge of the Island’s elders will shape the future with the knowledge of the past. All the dancers were taught by the Walker family. 


BRAZILIAN  RIO CARNIVAL DANCERS – Sambaliscious Entertainment offers a spectacular Rio Carnival Samba show with high energy Brazilian drumming, the audience’s heart rates will be soaring and hips swaying! 

A truly authentic Brazilian show, complete with magnificent costumes direct from the Rio Carnival. Sambaliscious will be performing with Baysamba, a real treat for our audience! 


REGENCY ENGLISH DANCERS – A taste of early colonial culture will be provided by Dance Kaleidoscope, all togged up in Regency elegance and performing 17th,18th and 19th century English country dancing of the gentry and workers in traditional village, fair, festival, clog, and linked sword dancing. 

Dance Kaleidoscope dancers are drawn from the greater Brisbane area and have been performing since 2001. The dancers are from diverse dance backgrounds; from International to Irish. 


HAWAIIAN HULA PERFORMERS AND INTERACTIVE HULA WORKSHOP – Heilani Productions is a renowned entertainment company specializing in showcasing the beauty and grace of Hawaiian Hula dancing. Today, their talented dancers will be performing at the Redland Museum, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing movements and colourful costumes. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of the Hawaiian Islands right here in your own backyard. Join us for a truly unforgettable performance by the Heilani Hawaiian Hula dancers! 


JOHNNY THE JESTER MAGIC SHOW – Johnny the Jester, is one of Brisbane’s funniest children’s entertainers.  Your children will be laughing in fits of laughter whilst being amazed with his magical skills.  The show is full of surprises and audience participation! Johnny the Jester’s show is the perfect way to entertain the kids and leave them with a lasting memory of magical wonder. 


CHINESE LION DANCERS – Enjoy this high energy captivating performance from the traditional Chinese Lion Dancing troupe. The choreographed performance includes 2 magnificent, brightly coloured lions shaking their mighty heads to show huge teeth and flashing eyes. Be amazed as they roam, interact, and weave through the audience, accompanied by Chinese percussion of drumming, gongs, and cymbalists. Then be captivated by the acrobatic show as they showcase their skills on the tepee pole. The traditional Chinese Lion Dance is linked to ancient Chinese culture and is often performed to celebrate events and bring good luck, fortune, and prosperity. 


GRUPO FOLKLORICO EL SALVADOR – The dance group was originally established in 2022 to promote Salvadoran dance, music and culture. Through a love of traditional dance, the group hopes to inspire young people to discover their roots. 


RUBY PHOENIX – Ruby Phoenix pays homage to the evolution of Far and Middle Eastern dance from centuries ago, to the present day.  They incorporate modern Belly Dance styles, including Bollywood and Industrial Fusion.  They choreograph all their dances, also improvise with their own Ruby Phoenix moves and cues, which empowers every Belly Dancer to take the lead. For more excitement and complexity, they enjoy using props which includes veils, swords and finger cymbals.  The Ruby Phoenix Troupe create their costuming and often wear 25 yard skirts, to also use as props. 

Outdoor entertainment: 

Indigenous Smoking Ceremony 

Patrick Coolwell & Yullubariba Dance Group 

Scottish Bagpipes, Drummers & Highlander Dancers 

Redland Sporting Club Pipe Band  


Brazilian Drummers, Baysamba (Baysamba Inc) 

Chinese Lion Dancing with Percussion  

Children’s Magic Show – Johnny the Jester Entertainment 

Hawaiian Hula Performers & Interactive Hula Workshop – Heilani Polynesian School of Arts  

Irish Celtic Dancing – Watkins Academy of Irish Dance 

Fusion Belly Dancers – Ruby Phoenix 

* El Salvador Folk Dancing – El Salvador Folkloric Dance Group 


Indoor entertainment includes:  

* English Regal Dancing – Dance Kaleidoscope 

* Sword Dancing – Dance Kaleidoscope 

* Pianola, Clarinet & Flute – Owen & Jill