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Help Sponsor the Restoration of Our Indian Scout

The Museum is a great place for people to share their skills, socialise, and support each other. One of the best ways is to be part of a team restoring fascinating objects from long ago.

Our current project is the authentic total restoration of a 1926 Indian Scout motorcycle that was donated some years ago. Though mostly complete, it had been used in the 1960s and 1970s for racing, and was in poor overall condition.

The Indian Scout motorcycle was built by the Indian Motocycle Company from 1920 to 1949, and for many it is regarded as the best motorcycle Indian ever made.  The Scout was rugged, reliable and fast, and a military version was used extensively by US and other Allied forces during World War II. They were also highly regarded as racing machines.

From the Serial Number we know that our Indian Scout was built in 1926, and is of the original 1920 design made famous by New Zealander Burt Munroe in the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian”.

Our restoration team is led by John Heselwood, an experienced antique vehicle restorer.  After detailed research we have the authentic original specifications, and our plan is to restore and repaint this Indian Scout to as close as possible to its original appearance.

Our volunteers will put in the hundreds of hours of work required, but we will need to replace some parts that were removed and lost when the bike was used for racing.

Please help by sponsoring a part

1920s Indian Scouts are rare and very collectible, and this is reflected in the cost of parts.  We have identified a source for each part, but need about $5000 to cover the costs.  Please help by selecting a part from the list below, and use the donation panel to donate enough to purchase it.  Enter the name of the part you sponsor in the “Leave a Comment’ box.

When complete, this Indian Scout will be displayed with a storyboard with the names of those who helped sponsor this project.

The  Parts We Need

Chain guard                             $230

Generator chain guard             $70

Battery box                                $70

Toolbox                                    $160

Saddle                                      $700

Amp meter                              $180

Amp meter housing               $150

Headlight assembly               $800

Taillight and bracket              $410

Klaxon horn                            $360

Klaxon horn bracket              $100

Oil filler cap                              $80

Foot boards                           $200

Foot board rubber inserts      $70

Handlebar grips                      $80

Rubber for kick starter           $45

Exhaust pipes                        $300

Decals for fuel tank                $30

Paint and paint supplies      $450