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Ceramics and Art from the Natural World

Presented by: Rhyl Henzell and Jos Mitchell

Extended until 7th September

Surroundings, the August exhibition at Redland Museum features  the work of Victoria Point artists Rhyl Henzell and Jos Mitchell.

Rhyl’s early art training in graphic art and design will forever inform and influence her multi disciplinary art practice.
This current exhibition addresses her life long passion for the environment.
Her inspiration comes largely from nature – found objects, local leaves, seeds and flowers collected on morning walks around the bay.
Rhyl loves experimenting and works in many mediums and her current pieces reflect her fascination with the shapes and patterns in nature.
She is creating cyanotype, a photographic technique using sunlight, which results in attractive indigo blue and white images and also eco printing, which draws the tannins from leaves and flowers, transferring subtle images to the watercolour paper. These are sometimes enhanced using watercolours or wax colours.

Jos is a multi-medium artist who now calls the Redlands Coast “home”. Her works are often tactile and inciteful representations of the vivacity and interconnectedness of our environment.  Every handmade ceramic piece pays homage to stories of our surroundings – a commentary and a celebration of colours and textures.
Growing up in Central Queensland, on land where her mother and grandmother were also raised, was pivotal in developing her love of the natural world, history and heritage.
An earlier career in social justice and professional photography influences each work of art with a grounded reality, balanced between strength and delicacy; an invitation to explore and question physical presence and our own perceptions; an invitation to touch and ponder.

The exhibition has been extended until 7th September 2022