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Variety The Spice of Life

Exhibition and Gallery Sales of Textiles Works

Presented by: Fiber Explorers

4 November 2022 to 8 January 2023

Variety The Spice of Life

The November and December exhibition at the Redland Museum will be presented by  Fibre Explorers , a group of Textile Artists with seven active members.

Initially members of a group called “weavers 5” Fibre Explorers came into being after completing a weaving course by Ursula Stehle, culminating with exhibitions in 2011 and 2015.

‘To us our hobby is sharing a common interest in different fibre and yarn related crafts –  weaving, spinning, embroidery, knitting, dyeing, felting, crochet and recycling.

The fibres we use are quite diverse. Some fibres and yarns are of animal origin – wool, silk, alpaca, and some of the more exotic animal fibres. Plant fibres most commonly used are cotton linen and hemp.

Blends of fibres include regenerated yarn –  Bamboo Tencel and so many more.

For weaving the  majority used is commercial. Handspun fibre is more often used for knitting, embroidery, felting or weaving. For those inclined, fleece is also used.

Fibre used for spinning or felting is usually commercially dyed  and carded.

Members wanting different colour effects dye their own fibre or yarn using either natural or commercial dyes.

Woven on floor looms the woven textiles you will see are the work of numerous hours.

There is a challenge to design a draft of your own, to choose the yarn the colours and the weaving technique. Each of these choices together create a uniquely woven piece.

Through this exhibition our Group wishes to share with you the things we all enjoy doing.’