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Made with LoVe and Beeswax

Presented by: Libby North

February 2024

Love Art by Libby North

Quite simply…….”I Love to Create” –  through a love of texture and colour, creating inspirational art with a sense of fun, an element of nostalgia, evoking memories. Creating old patinas by recycling and reusing found objects, giving them a new life adding to their story. Having hidden layers that invite a person to look a little deeper, seeing something that perhaps another person doesn’t.

To get lost in a piece, if just for a few moments, there is a simple beauty in that. To bring a bit of beauty and whimsy to someone’s life is a joy. To bring a smile, a connection to someone is pure privilege and that is my passion.

The journey itself brings joy and my hope is for that to transfer to the beholder. The process of creating is so fascinating, a lot of fun and so exciting. Accidental mixes, purposeful placements and surrendering to the unpredictability makes this journey pure joy. Being totally immersed in the process –  “I Love That”.

Encaustic…meaning to burn…. is an ancient painting process also known as hot wax painting, where fire is an extension of your hand. A combination of art and science, a pretty great combination.

This exciting medium includes mixing colour pigment and tree (demar) resin to melted beeswax and applying in layers to your substrate. Each layer is fused to the previous layer by fusing with a blowtorch or heatgun. This is the perfect medium to preserve elements into your work….drawing, photos, feathers, leaves, textiles etc.

Just as nature is built up of layers over time and decayed through time and weather revealing remnants of what has come before, so to is the process of encaustic.

Building up , scraping back, scoring and shaping, revealing layers and elements that have been laid before.

Everywhere I go I see colours, textures, layers and movement and it is these things that inspire you when back in the studio – nothing can compare to the memories you carry within – looking, seeing, touching, feeling, smelling, hearing – all the senses come into play and a new piece emerges giving these intriguing and ethereal effects.