A unique feature of Redland Museum is our program of changing exhibitions. A new major exhibition is mounted in a beautiful 100 square meter dedicated galley every six to eight weeks throughout the year. These major exhibitions are drawn from the Museum’s reserve collection, or from the works and collections of local artists or community organisation.

In addition a variety of smaller exhibitions are presented from time to time, showcasing the hobbies, collections and talents of Museum members.

These displays are renowned for the variety and quality of their content.

We have also put together a number of online exhibitions. Please enjoy these wonderful videos, until your next visit to the Museum.

3 September to 30 October!

Clare Loveband is captivated by the beauty of flowers and plants.  This exhibition combines her skill as an artist and her love of the Japanese art Ikebana – a natural progression.

Arrangements, by her fellow students of Ikebana under Master Vernisher Wooh, compliment Clare’s representations of the art in her paintings.

A member of the Botanical Artist’s Society of Queensland, Clare has presented previously at the Museum, her exhibition ‘Mangroves of Moreton Bay’.