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Be enthralled by our display of Morse equipment, teleprinters, telephones old and new, a public telephone from the Showgrounds, and early mobile phones.  One of our earliest mobile phones from the late 1970s is a massive 15Kg, no camera included!
Toy Hall of Fame
Adults can sit and watch their children play in the Australian Toy Hall of Fame.  Iconic children’s toys such as marbles, Meccano sets, miniatures, Little Golden books and a billycart are on display.  The activity area allows children to play in a shop or perform on a stage or admire their Lego building skills.
The printer display will take you back to an era when printing was an art form that required a high degree of craftsmanship, skill and patience.  The printing presses date to late 19th and early 20th century.  
The Textile Collection contains items ranging from the 1800s to the present day. It includes bustle dresses from the 1800s, sewing samplers from 1825, wedding gowns from the 1800s, hats, dresses, coats, furs, jewellery, men’s clothing and military uniforms to name but a few. 
Transport Display
Restored vehicles in Redland Museum’s transport display reflect the work of people who lived in the Redlands – from the horse drawn baker’s cart and fruiterer’s wagon to the 1924 Model T Ford truck. The legendary 1934 Gulflander rail motor provides an experience of travel unlike any other.
Dan Holzapfel Farm Pavilion
The Dan Holzapfel Farm Pavilion contains items associated with farming in the Redland area, many of them dating from the era 1920-1970, when it was known as “The Salad Bowl”. Farms were then the dominant feature of the Redland landscape.