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Small Museums Conference 2022


Record of Presentations

Presentations that are available to view are shown in blue.  Click the title below to open the presentation file.

Welcome to Country

Friday, 7 October 2022

Mark Creyton.      The changing nature of volunteering

Christine Ianna.   Incidents and Disasters, Preparation, Planning, Response and Recovery: what’s new in 2022?

Dr Michael Marendy.      Caring for Textiles in Small Museums

Saturday, 8 October 2022

Erika Taylor & Emma Shield.  Tweed Regional Museum.   With our community, for our community

Alinta Krauth.  MOD Museum Adelaide.  Digital Museums:  how do we engage audiences in their own homes

Stephanie Parkin & Howard Guille.  North Stradbrike Island Museum on Minjerribah.  Walking Together must be an enduring endeavour

Dr Jessica Stroja, Mr Tim Menkins and Dr Hanna Craig-Ward.  Redleaf.  Environmental Artefacts? What Artefacts?

Allison Olds.  Redland City Library. First Five Forever

Bruce Smith.  Redland Museum. From One Photograph to a Successful Exhibition

Lizzie Riek & Emma Bain. Redland Art Gallery.   Curating from the Redland Art Gallery (RAG) Collection

Michael Banks.  Griffith University.    Managing your small collection and making it relevant

Rebecca Lush.  Integrated Pathology Learning Centre.    Remains to be Seen

Paul Ledington  Redland Museum.  Being Different: A Toolbox for Change

Robyn Wallace & Joanne Francis.  Queensland Women’s Historical Association.   Uniting the Real and Virtual Worlds of Miegunyah

Sunday, 9 October 2022

Julie Baird.  Newcastle Museum.  Doorman not Dictator.

Andrew Overton.  Overton Creative.   Strategic Inentions

Lisa Nardone.   Grantplus Consulting.  Grant Seeking – 10 Things You Need to Know!

Kerry Mulholland.  Miles Village Historical Museum.  Story Telling 101 – Miles

Joe Hextall.  Eumundi Museum.   Reinvigorating the same old, same old

Sylvia McGarry.  Redland Museum.  Telling your own story

Caroline Wilson-Barnao, Craig Middleton & Lisa Enright.   The University of Queensland and National Museum of Australia.  Redefining crisis in museums: insider’s perspectives on digital engagement.

Kevin Wright.  Interactive Experiences.  Enhancing Exhibits with Digital Experiences.

Daley Donnelly.  Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.  How drama and theatre can be used to interpret history

Ross Bower.  Redland Museum.  Switch on to Science

Fiona Eastwood.  Redland Museum.  My Museum … making memories with children by using artefacts, activities and anecdote