Women of their Word_OLD

Women of Their Word is a celebration of Australian women poets, writers who captured their times and their experiences in verse that still delights lovers of language.

Devised as a series of individual vignettes interwoven with music, Women of Their Word brings to life five notable women – Louisa Lawson, Maybanke Anderson, Dorothy Hewett, Judith Wright and Leona Kyling – who found their muse, their solace and their power in poetry.

The premiere production, originally planned for March this year, has been postponed due to the Covid 19 crisis but Redland Museum and Theatre Redlands are still committed to staging this production for you as soon as conditions allow. The curtain will rise again!

We are extremely privileged to have Jan Nary on board who researched, adapted existing scripts *, wrote original material and directed the show. Since joining Sydney’s New Theatre fifty years ago Jan has indulged her love of theatre in acting, writing, adapting, directing, producing and wardrobe along with her work as a media professional.

Join Jan in learning more about the play and what is to come next. Visit our Women of their Word page to see more interviews by Jan Nary with the Cast and Crew of this fabulous production by Theatre Redlands.

*Maybanke Anderson and Louisa Lawson adapted from Phyl Lobl’s Dames and Daredevils for Democracy.