Fun Activities for Kids!

We have really missed all of our visitors over the Easter School Holidays.

SO….we have created 3 FREE workshop tutorials for children’s Easter crafts that are lots of fun and easy to make. You can download the instructions and watch the videos as Jill shows you each easy step of the activity.

Each video was filmed in a different location within the museum, can you guess them all?

We hope that you will have lots of fun creating these activities in your own home.

Nail Polish Swirl Easter Eggs.

Click Here to download the Nail Polish Swirl Easter Eggs Instruction Sheet!

Marbled Shaving Foam Easter Eggs.

Click Here to download the Marbled Shaving Foam Easter Eggs Instruction Sheet!

S’mores by Campfire Candle

Click Here to download the S’mores by Campfire Candle Instruction Sheet!

We hope you have enjoyed our fun holiday activities as well as seen a glimpse of what our wonderful Museum has to offer! If you would like to keep in touch and receive emails about future events, including our next school holiday program, feel free to Click Here to join our mailing list!

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