Redland’s Creative Alliance Art Exhibition


‘The Redlands’ exhibition consists of 27 artists from all levels of experience and backgrounds. Some from the islands and some from the mainland. Works are varied in oils, watercolour, acrylic, sculpture, pottery, photography, enamel work and jewellery and all include the same theme of The Redlands. They were asked to produce realistic, abstract or suggestive works that reflect the essence of where we live. It could have indicate a specific item – a strawberry, a building, a person, scenic, Redland history or something within our Museum. The result is on display for you here tonight.

The Alliance organises a group art exhibition at least once a year at RPAC and has now expanded to include Redland Museum. 

The Redlands Creative Alliance is an online network, through Facebook and its’ website, serving to broaden public awareness of arts and culture in the Redlands. There are 410 creative members on the website and 198 in the Facebook Group.

The Alliance serves to broaden the public awareness of arts and culture, and promote the arts within the community and the wider area of South East Queensland. They are a not for profit, volunteer run, community network of artists of all genres and they welcome all creative people to join them free of charge. Young, old and in between, a student, an amateur, emerging or professional artist, they invite you to join their community!

Even though you are not judges there is is something special you can do to participate in this exhibition as well – choose your favourite work to be awarded a prize at the closure of the exhibition. It just adds a little more excitement for the participants. There is a box and pieces of paper on the table at the entrance which you can write the number of ‘your’ work and pop it into the box labelled ‘Peoples Choice’. The Archibald Art Awards do it why shouldn’t we! and also on Facebook