One of the Redland Museum special collections was created by Grace James, wife of Cleveland Police Sergeant ‘Snowy’ James.   Grace was a brilliant milliner with her own designs, creations and manufacturing business and was a well-known figure in the Redlands.

Grace made 14 overseas trips and began to record her experiences by making dolls dressed in replicas of fashions and styles authentic to the era and countries she had visited, spending many hours at the task.  The collection numbers 100 with each doll meticulously dressed in different styles ranging from about 1800 through to the 1960s.  Some styles are taken from movies such as My Fair Lady or based on historic figures such as Madame Pompadour.  Each dress is handmade and includes all the appropriate accessories, such as shoes, bags, jewellery and hats.  These were all dressed between 1974 and 1984.

Grace exhibited this beautiful collection at events for a token fee in order to raise funds for various charities and groups in the Redlands.