Our Displays

Most of the public areas of the museum are occupied by long term displays. One large area is bordered by alcoves, with each one holding objects consistent with a theme such as the room of an early residence or a particular occupation. In the centre are glass cases containing small objects. There is a large indoor area devoted to farm machinery, and another to horse-drawn and motorised transport. There is a recently completed display of textiles and vintage garments. Sometime in 2014 there will be a significant display of toys, partially interactive. The gallery below contains images of some of the displays. They are links to larger images and detail. Some of the individual objects are also featured in the Collection area of the site.

Stories of the Redlands

STORIES OF THE REDLANDS is  a permanent display in the Rotary Wing and was  opened by the newly appo
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Textiles have been collected by the Redland Museum since its inception with a special workroom and s
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One of the Redland Museum special collections was created by Grace James, wife of Cleveland Police S
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Post Office

In 1865 the first Submarine Telegraph Cable in Queensland was laid from Brisbane to Cape Moreton, vi
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Dan Holzapfel Farm Pavilion

The Dan Holzapfel Farm Pavilion is situated at the northern end of our Museum and was opened on 31st
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The bedroom presents a picture of the era 1890 -1940, a time possibly before the advent of electrici
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