Behind the Scenes – Your membership fees in action.

We are proud to launch our first Membership Month for the Redland Museum.

The theme for the month is:

Behind the Scenes – Your membership fees in action.

Weeks 1 and 2: Preservation and Restoration
Focus on how membership fees support the incredible work of volunteers in preserving and restoring valuable historical artefacts.

Week 3: Education
Focuses on how memberships contribute to the development of educational activities for children and the community.

Week 4: Enjoyment
Our final week is all about fun, the enjoyment members can have when they attend our events, exhibitions and special celebrations.

Due to the current uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 we are restricting our Membership Month activities to a series of online presentations and announcements. Watch out for content on the Redland Museum Facebook page, website and in our regular email newsletters.

Membership Application forms are available online or from Reception