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Eco Abstract

Presented by: Paul Ledington and Bev Shields

26 February 2023 to 10 April 2023

The ‘Emerging’ exhibition is an intriguing exploration of Eco and Abstract Art

The creation of dyes from plants is an ancient tradition which has evolved to include printing shapes on paper, fabric and other materials.  It offers the reality of a physical impression and a strong tangible connection to the natural world around us.

‘Abstraction’, and particularly non-objective abstraction, on the other hand is a new art form born in the early days of the twentieth century.  Line, shape and colour have their own relationships, meaning, and value without representing the familar.

So an eco printer and an abstractionist began an artistic conversation and the result is ‘Emerging’ – which focuses on the themes of eco printing, abstraction and a combination of the two styles.