Exhibitions 2019

A unique feature of Redland Museum is our program of changing exhibitions.  A new major exhibition is mounted in a beautiful 100 square meter dedicated galley every six to eight weeks throughout the year.  These major exhibitions are drawn from the museum's reserve collection, or from the works and collections of local artists or community organisation.  

In addition a variety of smaller exhibitions are presented from time to time, showcasing the hobbies, collections and talents of museum members.
These displays are renowned for the variety and quality of their content.

Current Exhibitions

Recent Exhibitions

Honey Month

Did you know that there are almost 1700 named species of native bees in Australia and many others have yet to be named? Did you also know that the lifespan of a bee is 5-7 weeks and that a bee has 12 main parts? If you would like to know more about bees and their habits, this exhibiti
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Pacific Tides

The Redlands Australian South Sea Islander history is an interesting one. In the 1840s many South Sea Islanders were brought to the area to work as shepherds. From 1863 to 1904 62,000 South Sea Islanders from 80 Melanesian islands were brought to work in Queensland’s cotton and
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Turning The Tide

Turning the Tide is our current exhibition by local artist and environmentalist, Narelle Renn. She is passionate about wildlife in the bay and their future. The exhibition celebrates and illustrates the life cycle of turtles in particular, their eating habits, their amazing long o
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Wings Over Redlands

Are you interested in flying boats and aeroplanes? Do you recall the flying boats that flew out of Redland Bay during the years 1953 to 1971 ? Did you know that the RAAF was involved with North Stradbroke Island during World War II and that the island today has a flourishing Aer
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Seniors Remembered

Between the years 1993 and 2002, portraits of 221 Redlands seniors were taken by six photographers and published in a book Redlands Remembers in April, 2003. RedArts President, Susan Russell, together with Redland Museum’s Exhibition Officer, Rick Thomason, have assembled and di
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Stradbroke 100

North Stradbroke Island’s First World War Soldiers and the Homefront beautifully articulates life on the island and the life and times of those who lived there through monumental world events that impacted the island for generations to come.
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Commemorating Gallipoli

In addition to our Redlanders’ Mementos exhibition, the Redland Museum has a Great War diorama and seven World War I models loaned by Samuel Smith, a Redland militaria enthusiast and collector, until 30th June.
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Lest We Forget

Our exhibition to commemorate the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign and the Great War opened on Sunday , 19th April, 2015. It will continue through May until 30th June, 2015
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The Mannequin

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