Creative Tapestry

Our latest exhibition Creative Tapestry is a display of works undertaken by a dedicated local group established over 25 years ago. The group meets at Manson Framers, Wynnum on Saturday morning.

The exhibition features a wide variety of subjects, all of which have been selected as outstanding examples of the work undertaken by the group.  The tapestries contain scenes such as women of different cultures "Miss Taj Mahal", fashionable ladies during the 1920's " Flappers", rustic scenes "Cottage Garden" and many different scenes featuring animals "Girl with Cheetah"

At various times throughout the exhibition, demonstrations will be held by the group members of their work. Also on display are samples of basic canvases, threads, and tools used by the artists in the creation process.

Many members of the tapestry group are long-time residents of the Bayside region and have a desire to promote their unique craft to others within our community.  

The Exhibition is open until 31 May 2019