Since you can’t physically visit the Museum at this time, we decided to bring the Museum to you by way of creating interesting and fun activities that you can try yourself at home and learn a little about how things were done in the past!

How to Make Butter at Home

Journey around the dairy section of Redland Museum and discover how butter was made in the olden days. You too can make butter at home with our simple recipe. What would you call your cow if you lived 100-150 years ago? Discover the name of the resident Museum cow when you next visit
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Damper on a Stick & Billy Tea

Damper on a Stick & Billy TeaOne of our all-time favourite workshops that we have run at the Museum time and time again. We thought this is the perfect opportunity to share our recipe for you to make at home. Click Here to download the Damper & Billie Tea Instructions Sheet!
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